The Law Firm


“Studio dell’Avvocato Giuseppe Bellini” is a law firm established in 2015 as the natural development of the law firm its founder, who in 2010, after having cooperated extensively with some of the leading law firms in Milan and gained significant experience on commercial law and corporate administrative law, decided to start his own independent law firm.

The Law Firm deals with the management of corporate crises and corporate restructuring as well as national and international contracts. It also offers legal consultancy services and deals with litigation matters on a wide range, with particular focus on labor law, corporate criminal law (specialization in tax offenses) and debt recovery.

Some of the strengths of the Law Firm can be found in its ability to support businesses during the delicate stages of corporate transfers and acquisitions, also by making available the significant experience gained in structuring corporate transactions in Italy and abroad, as well as to establish fiduciary services that can ensure personal and property protection to entrepreneurs and CEOs.



The Law firm acts as a consultant who supports entrepreneurs in managing their businesses, helping them in making informed decisions that can prevent or reduce the risk of possible disputes with the ultimate goal of avoiding the courts.

We are a highly reliable partner that can interact with entrepreneurs in a practical fashion, offering support and help through a problem-solving approach that addresses the underlying causes of the matters. We do not operate only to offer advice but to ensure solutions.

The way we operate, typical of a business lawyer, was well summarized by the famous banker J.P. Morgan:

I don’t want a lawyer who tells me what I can’t do. I hire a lawyer to tell me how I can do what I want.



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