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Finding your business partner in Italy

A business lawyer who can help you to grow your business in Italy

Giuseppe Bellini, Lawyer and founder of the law firm by the same name, has extensive experience in company transfer transactions, in particular dealing with SMEs in the manufacturing field, acting as intermediary in the search for investors.

Specifically thanks to this experience, he can assist entrepreneurs also in challenging and complex negotiations, always guaranteeing availability and a fiduciary relationship and strictest confidentiality.

Our Consulting service allows entrepreneurs to:

  • receive support in the search for and assessment of potential industrial and/or financial partners;
  • obtain advice in the search for and development of possible trade partners and synergies with other businesses;

This is what sets us apart:

  • the ability to search for and select potential partners following legal and financial audits, through the analysis of an information memorandum or business plan;
  • the ability to identify portions of the business that may be suitable to initiate a spin-off or be of interest to you as a potential investor.

We are the only law firm that carries out this type of search on an ongoing and professional basis.

If you wish to arrange a meeting at our law firm to discuss your matter in more details, please contact us with no obligation: