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How can you save Your Company?

Save your company: several times, when business owners have turned to our Law Firm to solve “routine” critical issues (such as labour disputes/credit recovery and other such issues), I have pointed out that we deal with the management of business crises, and in particular with “strategic advisory and steering designed to guide company restructuring”.

What is this?

Should your Company be going through a difficult period, our Law Firm offers an advisory service designed to safeguard the value of the Company, by guiding and supporting management’s decisions in the best possible direction, also evaluating any suitable solutions to the potential threats the Company faces.

After an initial phase of disorientation, entrepreneurs have always displayed considerable interest: in fact, the service remains of a rather “esoteric” nature, perhaps because it is the product of a combination of skills that are seldom offered by one firm.

The multidisciplinary approach (economic, fiscal and legal), however, has made it possible on several occasions to avoid corporate processes from degenerating into a settlement with creditors, or indeed from resulting in the Company’s bankruptcy.

The aim of the service is to assess the Company’s real potential to pursue and support its partial or total business continuity, if necessary through the inclusion of a managerial and/or legal figure within the organization in question.

These solutions are highly customized, and thus such figures may operate either on a part-time or full-time basis, depending on the requirements of the business in question.

Should you be interested in examining the question further, you may arrange an initial meeting (at your Company premises should you wish) by calling us on (+39) 02.30316766 or by sending an e-mail to:

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