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Protection of Corporate Assets

A Law Firm specialized in protecting your corporate assets

In highly competitive markets such as today’s ones and with a legal system of difficult interpretation, experience shows us that entrepreneurs risk being easily involved in unexpected situations or particularly insidious litigations, which risk to seriously imperil the existence of the Company.

The Lawyers at the Studio Associato dell’Avvocato Bellini are specialized in providing support and assistance in situations of corporate crisis and have gained significant experience in assisting entrepreneurs in particularly difficult situations, always ensuring a fiduciary relationship and full availability.

Our Consulting service allows entrepreneurs to:

  • receive assistance in ensuring the unity and continuity of corporate assets;
  • receive support in achieving an effective intergenerational transfer to protect and preserve corporate assets;
  • identify solutions to prevent litigations and limit or neutralize them even when they are already in progress.

This is what sets us apart:

  • careful identification and detailed planning of all the necessary steps to protect corporate assets in the case of damages or hidden defects and in dealing with authorization issues both for movable and immovable assets
  • the ability to assist entrepreneurs in identifying portions of the business suitable to initiate a spin-off or, alternatively, to be transferred abroad.

We are the only law firm that can search and identify potential investors to assess the possibility of transferring non-strategic company assets.

If you wish to arrange a meeting at our law firm to discuss your matter in more details, please contact us with no obligation:

  • By phone at 0331 62 08 24 (Gallarate) / 02 3031 67 66 (Milan)
  • By e-mail at
  • Or fill out the form below and you will be contacted promptly