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Compound Interests and Usury

A Lawyer prepared to defend you against Banks

Very frequently, when an entrepreneur’s Company is heavily indebted, the entrepreneur, in addition to being overwhelmed by endless responsibilities, is abandoned and oppressed by the banks that should support him.

The Lawyers at the Studio dell’Avvocato Bellini specialize in the protection of entrepreneurs against usury and compound interests of banks, assisting them in the most challenging and delicate processes, guaranteeing maximum confidentiality and availability.

Our Consulting service allows entrepreneurs to:

  • get support to understand whether or not the request for payment issued by the banks is lawful;
  • get support to define and organize sustainable repayment plans, purging from the total amount any amount that is illegitimately claimed.

This is what sets us apart:

  • the ability to highlight, where possible, the differences between the payment amount requested and the amount actually due;
  • the ability to settle most disputes amicably.

If you wish to arrange a meeting at our law firm to discuss your matter in more details, please contact us with no obligation:

  • By phone at (+39) 02 3031 67 66 (Milan)
  • By e-mail at
  • Or fill out the form below and you will be contacted promptly