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Insurance and Third-Party Liability

A Lawyer that can help you assert your rights against any Insurance Company

Everyday experiences show us that an entrepreneur can end up in unexpected situations against which he believed he was protected. The loss of compensations may jeopardize the very existence of the Company.

The Lawyers of the Studio dell’Avvocato Bellini specialize in providing support and assistance in the field of non-contractual liability. His significant experience gained assisting entrepreneurs in the most challenging and delicate proceedings ensures prompt action and maximum availability at all times.

Our Consulting service allows the entrepreneur to:

  • get support in protecting the value of the economic damage and, where necessary, of the company’s assets.

This is what sets us apart:

  • our ability to deal with insurance companies, especially out of court, to settle disputes amicably while avoiding lawsuits.

If you wish to arrange a meeting at our law firm to discuss your matter in more details, please contact us with no obligation: