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Urban law

A pragmatic consultant to assist you in resolving any issues you may have with the Municipal Technical Office

To grow a Company, it is necessary to perform improvement or expansions works on the corporate premises or to purchase new facilities and remodeling them. On these occasions, urban planning issues that seem insurmountable often arise, and they slow down the process for years if they do not stop the project right from the start.

Giuseppe Bellini, Lawyer and founder of the law firm by the same name, specializes in out of court assistance relating to complex operations. He has significant experience gained assisting entrepreneurs in the most challenging and delicate procedural processes, ensuring prompt action and availability at all times.

Our Consulting service allows entrepreneurs to:

  • get support, alongside with the entrepreneur’s trusted architect / surveyor, in dealing with the Public Administration in the case of urban planning non-compliance arising and requiring indemnity;
  • get support in assessing whether or not to appeal to the competent Administrative Court in the case of unlawful refusal of the building permit or SCIA.

This is what sets us apart:

  • in-depth knowledge of the mechanisms and internal practices of the Public Administration;
  • maximum availability including also participation in meetings held at the offices of the Municipality involved.

If you wish to arrange a meeting at our law firm to discuss your matter in more details, please contact us with no obligation: